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June 25, 2014 / Daniel Dias

Dynamic JMS Adapter

Daniel Dias

In this post I will describe a solution to dynamically change the JMS destination queue in run-time, using business rules.

Start by creating your business rules to decide the destination of your your message.

In this example I’m using information about the source of the message, the routing info name and value. In your case implement the validation of the fields that are important for you to decide the destination of your message.


Description of “Routing Rules Example”

After processing the following message:

Description of “Routing Rules Output”

The routing rules added the JMS “jms/Lab1TemplateJMSQueueV1” to my target JMSDestinationName.

Assign your JMSDestinationName to a variable.


Description of “JMSDestinationName Assign”

Now to configure your JMS adapter to send the message to your new JMSDestinationName, all you need to do, is to set the property jca.jms.JMSDestinationName of the adapter with the value of your JMSDestinationName variable.


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