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June 26, 2012 / André de Oliveira Sampaio

Delivering SOA Governance with EAMS and Oracle Enterprise Repository

In the last 12 years Link has been making its presence in areas such Governance and Architecture, both in terms of practices and methodologies, products, know-how and technological expertise.  The Enterprise Architecture Management System – Oracle Enterprise Edition (EAMS – OER Edition) is the result of this experience and combines the architecture management solution with OER in order to deliver a product specialized for SOA Governance that gathers the better of two worlds in solution that enables SOA Governance projects, initiatives and programs.

Enterprise Architecture Management System

Enterprise Architecture Management System (EAMS), is an automation based solution that enables the efficient management of Enterprise Architectures. The solution uses configured enterprise repositories and takes advantages of its features to provide automation capabilities to the users. EAMS provides capabilities to create/customize/analyze repository data, architectural blueprints, reports and analytic charts.

Structural View of EAMS

Oracle Enterprise Repository

Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) is one of the major and central elements of the Oracle SOA Governance solution. Oracle Enterprise Repository provides the tools to manage and govern the metadata for any type of software asset, from business processes and services to patterns, frameworks, applications, components, and models.  OER maps the relationships and inter-dependencies that connect those assets to improve impact analysis, promote and optimize their reuse, and measure their impact on the bottom line. It provides the visibility, feedback, controls, and analytics to keep your SOA on track to deliver business value. The intense focus on automation helps to overcome barriers to SOA adoption and streamline governance throughout the lifecycle

Core capabilities of the OER include:

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Usage Tracking
  • Service Discovery
  • Version Management
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Portfolio Management

EAMS – OER Edition

The solution takes the advantages and features from both products and combines them in a symbiotic tool that enhances the quality of SOA Governance Initiatives and Programs.

EAMS is able to produce a vast number of outputs by combining its analytical engine, SOA-specific configurations and the assets in OER and other related tools, catalogs and repositories.

The configurations encompass not only the extendable parametrization of the metadata but also fully configurable blueprints, PowerPoint reports, charts and queries.

Deployment View

The SOA blueprints

The solution comes with a set of predefined architectural representations that help the organization better perceive their SOA landscape. More blueprints can be easily created in order to accommodate the organizations needs in terms of detail, audience and metadata.

Service Catalog Blueprint

Service Catalog Blueprint

Charts& Dashboards

The solution encompasses a set of predefined charts and dashboards that promote a more agile way to control and explore the assets.

SOA Dashboard

SOA Dashboard

 Time Based Visualization

All representations are time bound, and with EAMS – OER you can truly govern SOA with a complete view of the Past – Present – Future; The solution delivers Gap Analysis, a project oriented approach while taking into consideration the As-Was , As-Is an To-Be.

Time based visualization

Time based visualization

Differentiating factors

  • Extensive automation and maintenance of architectural representations
  • Organization wide solution.
  • Easy access and navigation to and between all architectural artifacts and representations.
  • Flexible meta-model, customization and extensibility capabilities.
  • Lifecycle management and enforcement of the time dimension over all the repository content.
  • Profile based customization.
  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Architectural alignment
  • Friendly and striking user interfaces

For more information on EAMS visit us here.

For more information on SOA visit us here.


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